City Guide: Jaipur, India

India is country full of culture, colors, food, hospitality, spirit, and excitement! Getting the opportunity to experience the magnificent culture of India is both an eye opening and spiritial awakening for most, Theres so much to see of the country and yet with everything else going on, I never feel like I have enough time to see everything! I should mention, my husband grew up in Mumbai so we try to get to India every couple of years. This recent trip was the first time we brought out 13 month old daughter, Sabine. Other than the jet lag, that took her a few days to get over, she did great! Jaipur has been on my bucket list for many years now. I absolutely loved everything that the city has to offer, ! I was amazed by the beauty, architecture, design, fashion and incredible food! Sadly, we were only able to experience the Pink City for 48 hours (I feel like I could have spent a good 4 days there.. at least!) but we did try to make the most of it. Here were some of my favorites from Jaipur.

  • 1152 AD (located inside Amer Fort) great for lunch after a morning of sight seeing,  1152 ad is an opulent rooftop dining restaurant within Amer Fort with a traditional Indian menu good enough for the Maharaja's. (We went for lunch but apparently their candlelight dinner is quite specular!)
  • Suvarna Mahal at the Taj Rambaugh Palace- fine dining with incredible food and ambience
  • Bar Palladio- (Narain Niwas Palace Hotel) Bar Palladio is a must see with a beautiful ambience, great drinks and appetizers, inspired by Mughal & Italian art and culture. 
  • Aashka- (Narain Niwas Palace Hotel) Aashka is a luxury lifestyle and concept boutique full of traditional Indian kurtas and tunics, along with unique home accessories, all made by artisans in Jaipur. 
  • Anokhi- Anokhi is great store to find hand carved block printed clothing, scarves and home accessories 
  • Teatro Dhore- (located on the back gates of Jai Mahal Hotel) Teatro Dhore is a well curated concept shop specializing in unique and unusual interiors and Indian fashion 
  • Gem Palace- (Shop No. 348 MI Road) Gem Palace is a family owned jewelry store(s) that has been around since 1852 and has stood as one of India's most iconic jewelry houses.  Gem Palace has created heirlooms for Kings, Queens, Emperors and Presidents for centuries. Appointed Jewel makers by Maharaja Saway Jai Singh II of the Royal family of Jaipur and granted high honors by the British Crown. This jewelry store is definitely worth seeing if your interested in history, royalty or beautiful gemstones. 
  • Hot Pink- (right next to the Narain Niwas Palace Hotel)-Pink City boutique is a modern concept shop with beautiful traditional Indian clothing from Jaipur, along with jewelry and gifts.   
  • The Oberoi Rajvilas (Five star, award winning hotel with privates pools, gardens, spa and fine dining. Definitely worth the splurge $$$) 
  • Taj Jaipur Palace (Five star, great alternative in price to the Rambaugh Palace, great spa and fine dining) 
  • Taj Rambaugh Palace (Five star, 19th century palace that the Maharaja prince still resides in, incredible restaurant, spa and gift shops. Definitely a splurge in $$$) 
  • Amer Fort (walk your way up to the fort, its a 10 min hike versus the one hour it takes to drive with congested traffic)
  • City Palace (opt for the Royal Grandeur Tour if your interested in interiors and would like to see the bedrooms, private rooms where the Maharajas stayed) 
  • Gem Palace (also noted above for shopping) 
  • Get a tour guide and tour the city/local artisans/block printers (most hotels have someone trusted that they refer)   

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