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About Us

Katel Home was started out of the idea of promoting handcrafted global goods created by independent artisans who are passionate about quality craftsmanship, beautiful design and ethical fair trade practices with transparency in origin and materials used. At Katel Home we also believe in the empowerment of promoting female artisans. As such, the artisans we work with help improve the lives of women in a number of ways, including business training, literacy education programs, and even just providing fair living wage jobs to widows and women refugees who would otherwise find it hard to work and take care of their families. We work to highlight  the importance of quality craftsmanship and time honored traditional techniques, while also bringing awareness to the social impact these artisans are making upon their communities. 

At Katel Home we feel strongly in the importance of preserving our environment and future for our children so all of the packaging we use is made from recycled materials.