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Sustainable Threads was born from collective professional experience and personal interest in rural development, entrepreneurship and social justice. Among the various options, they chose to leverage their relationships in the development sector and start a fair trade enterprise. Sustainable Threads currently work with over 10 artisan groups in India, with the goal of long term, deep partnerships. They focus is on the people, not just the product. This model requires a significant investment in design and product development, factoring in the skill sets of each community.

Fair Trade Artisans


Sustainable Threads focuses on artisan cooperatives and groups employing marginalized women. They aspire to provide these artisans access to fair wages, larger markets and secure, sustainable livelihoods. Beyond this, they try to work with groups that engage with local social and environmental concerns and create enriching opportunities and new possibilities for artisans and their communities. Sustainable Threads collaborate closely with these artisan cooperatives and groups in order to develop mutually-beneficial and long term trade relationships. These relationships allow them to offer customers beautiful and meaningful high quality products. All of the products made by these groups are hand-made, and carefully designed to be environmentally friendly.

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