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Curated Pillows

Injiri Textiles

Founder of Injiri; Chinar Farooqui has never believed in popular practices of trend cycles. Rooted in rural India, her design narrative picks hints from traditional practices while engaging in a dialogue with the contemporary world.

Owing to her father’s transferable job she got to travel through rural Rajasthan, understanding the local techniques which enriched her eclectic design vocabulary. Coming from a fine arts background from MSU Baroda, she belonged to a conservative school of thought, where the terms ‘fashion’ and ‘art’ were explored in a subjective way. Chinar attained a sense of clarity at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (NID) and developed a deep interest in textile research and the stories related to cloth and dress. “As a child, I have grown up in rural Rajasthan where many communities carry on their traditional ways of dressing. It has been since then that I was drawn to the aesthetics of the rural folk. It was as though I had a deep connection with folk sensibilities; at NID I realized this yearning”, she explains. Past a few semesters, she realized the number of possibilities the world of design had to offer and this led to the launch of ‘Injiri’ in 2009.