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Recycled Glass Water Pitcher-PHYSICAL-Meso Goods-Katel Home

Recycled Glass Water Pitcher


Artisans from a cooperative group located in Guatemala, take discarded glass used from recycled wine and beer bottles and then melt it down to be handblown to create new recycled glassware pieces. 
The Cooperative was established in 1976 when 17 artisans came together and reopened a former glass factory. Now the workshop employs 36 artisans and provides fair living wages, insurance, education and training for glassblowers and there families. 
Size: 6" Diameter x 8" Height 
Care Instructions: due to the fragile nature of these glasses, hand washing is recommended. If you plan to use a dishwasher, Its best to spread out the glasses on the top rack on the normal washing settings. Do not microwave.